Saturday, December 6

The snow is piling up out there. After nearly denouncing Christmas my grandfather got a tree and began to decorate. While I was at the hardware store getting new fuses for his light the electricity went out. Armed with a flashlight from their emergency kit I found them anyway. Got out by pulling the usually-automatic doors apart.

Can't find some books at work that are in the next catalog. Don't know who is supposed to plow there but I had to leave before I was snowed in. Received an order from a man named Snow.

James says we should cut the tree across the way down for Christmas. I assure him it would be noticed. Last spring the neighbor asked my grandfather if he could cut it down to improve their view. He said no and in that instant, thinking that maybe he wasn't being such a nice neighbor, told him that i was my grandmother's favorite tree. I assure you it wasn't.

I wish the leftovers in my fridge were gone. I would like to cook some nice new food but don't think I can because to waste food is bad. They aren't even my leftovers, most of them. I want to make a big pot of spinach oatmeal soup.

I have a hard time saying I am fine lately, even if it is true. Such a delicate balance. So many things could go wrong I feel like I should at least be prepared. That seems better than being very very happy and being blindsided.

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