Monday, December 1

Been a while, holidays and all. I've been taking a little break from the computer but I thought I should post this week's crush list at least. Just in case you checked.

10. John Mulroney
9. Mark Lamoureux
8. Mick Carr
7. Yuri Hospodar
6. Joel Sloman
5. Xtina Strong
4. Jim Behrle
3. Nick Piombino
2. Mike County
1. Gerrit Lansing

I've had some very long posts but they have been written in my head and we haven't got the interface yet for that sort of thing. Really I need a keyboard at the sink so I can write while doing the dishes.

Getting ready for the next holiday is a little scary. What to make? What to buy? Didn't buy a thing on Friday, not even a soda.

Had a lovely time on Saturday night. I might have more to say, I might not, but I want to say at least how happy I was to meet and see everyone.

I've got to update my Shameful List. Tonight alone I started two more things.

Julia, if you read this, I finished the collar of the purple sweater. Thanks for asking.

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