Saturday, December 20

Last night in my dream there was a new kind of Moxie, Alpine White. Black Arthur was selling it in a little stand maybe 100 yards past the last entrance to the Seaside Cemetery. The Gibsons were sitting on the old rock. I was bleeding.

Earlier this week I dreamed we were fishing. Not really. We were standing on the beach, but one or two people were in the water. Some large fish were swimming in toward shore, chasing smaller fish in toward the shore. I'm not sure what the smallest kind was, then pogies, then blue fish. I am deathly afraid of bluefish and was very nervous for whomever was treading water, mostly for the safety of their toes. The fish were jumping onto the beach and because it seemed like there was no other appropriate thing to do we were gathering them.

My sister gave birth on Thursday to her fifth boy. I had the other four, from 18 months to 7 years of age. Early in the morning on Thursday until a little past noon on Friday. They wore me out and I am coming down with a cold. Elijah (the youngest) moves things- bath salts are now in the bedroom. A bowl of fruit loops in the hall. Playmobile everywhere. I found a pair of socks stuffed under the heater in the bedroom this morning. I will be finding things for some time to come.

I have been so tired lately, too tired even to knit. This is no good what with Christmas coming and so many things left to make. I am thinking that Christmas presents will turn into Groundhog Day presents or Valentine's Day presents. Maybe I'll just wait for the Epiphany. My intentions are good but really I am worn out.

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