Saturday, May 3

Alex and I started a new blog on Thursday. The template got a little mixed up, but I'll fix that later. The new blog is It should be fun.

Yesterday I got a new couch out of the trash on Leanord Street. It is so much better than my broken one, but my arms are broken from getting it up the stairs. It is a couple inches bigger than my other old couch, so I had to move all the furniture around.

Celtic won again today. Go Bhoys. The Boy played, good for the eyes.

My grandfather went to New York. I am watching his dog. I thought he was just going for two days, but we are nearing the end of 3. When should I start worrying? He didn't tell me when he would be back.

I planted some more lettuce, some broccoli and some brussel sprouts. Also, more strawberries in the barrel.

It's pretty early but I just want to go to bed.

The Sunny Day has PBR for $1 a can.

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