Sunday, April 13

My husband thinks I am slacking with my blog. I can just add this to the list of things I am slacking on-- violin, piano, poetry, housekeping, sewing, gardening, writing letters, etc. There is so much more. I think only two people ever look at this anyway. They are very important people, but they know me well enough to expect me to be a slacker.

I went to Target tonight and bought seeds. There are better places to go for seeds, but none that Ican think of that were open on Sunday night. I nearly talked myself into getting this little bird for the garden but talked myself out of it. It really would have been bad. Next thing you know I would have little rocks that say things like 'peace' and 'dream' on them. I bought some more peas, nasturtiums, broccoli, sweet basil and Canterbury Bells. Tomorrow I am going to get some peat moss and manure so I can get my garden going.

I'm going to cut the size of the rug I am making down. I don't think I will ever get it done if I leave it big.

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