Wednesday, April 9

Another day of rain and snow, but I am in better spirits today. Not altogether happy yet, but hoping things will only continue to get better. Although it snowed for most of the day, lawns and sidewalks seem to have been cleared by some miraculous source of heat. I had a nice lunch with my father, wandered around downtown for a bit, then met Gerrit for coffee. He encouraged me to go get a haircut, which I did. Hopefully the sacrifice of some of my hair will bring spring.

I read 'A Pair of Blue Eyes' by Thomas Hardy last night and the night before. I should know better than to start a novel. I am not very good at putting books down. Last night I stayed up until 2 reading. I am tired today from it. I almost started another book today, one by Anatole France (chosen because of the nice illustrated edition I found and the mention of France in Good Morning Midnight). I was saved from having to read the book all at once. After reading the first page I tried to turn to the next and found that many of the pages were uncut. Since I didn't have a knife with me, I couldn't read any further. Thank goodness.

Tomorrow I am off to Boston to watch Celtic play in the Uefa Cup Semifinals. Woohoo. I have piano in themorning, which is a little troubling since I haven't practiced yet. I should make sure to do that this evening.

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