Tuesday, April 15

It is getting late now, I had hoped to be in bed by now. It's just that I am so tired. And the Red Sox bullpen will take years off your life.

I'm a little grumpy about blogs and intellectual life. I was reading Jim's blog the other day and there is an awful lot of thought on it. Mine is just a list of what I am doing. Should I be thinking more? Am I thinking more and not writing about what I am thinking? Is my life all doing dishes and knitting? I finished a legwarmer. Isn't that good for anything?

My husband has a blog now. He didn't tell me for days, which is perfectly fine, I guess. It just makes me grumpy that he would talk about my blog and not tell me about his. I'm sure it is full of more thoughts than mine.

I signed up for all these Yahoo groups and now I have to read a ton of email about yarn and knitting. I think I will quit all of them.

Does it count as cleaning the kitchen if it is nearly clean to begin with? What the hell does it matter?

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