Saturday, April 26

I’m tired now, but I won’t go to sleep until James gets home.

The past few days have been busy. Northampton was fun, although I would have enjoyed it more when I was 14. I would have found so much more cool and exciting. I got a new book of fiddle songs and a couple of baskets. James got some music and some books. It was nice to walk around town. Maybe next time we will have more time.

Yo La Tengo was good. I have to say I enjoy their songs more than the noise. Sometimes I think it goes on too long, and I am such a sucker for pop songs that I have a hard time paying attention. The fault is mine, really. I also think I am a lazy listener when I am sitting down. I get so much more into it when I am standing up. At any rate it was still a great show.

Then yesterday there was the Celtic- Boa Vista match. Woohoo! The Bhoys did well, advancing to the UEFA Cup Final. I hope they play better on Sunday. We were at the Kinvara from 2:30 to 9 and I hardly knit a stitch. I was driving so I couldn’t celebrate as liberally as the rest of the club. I’ll make up for that at the Final.

We got over to the Middle East to see the opening act finish up (I forget their name) before Throwing Muses came on. That was a good show. We stood at the back (the show was downstairs). I haven’t done that for a long time. Usually I try to get up close because I am so short and there are so many tall people in the world. Last night we were so tired when we got there.

I didn’t get much done today. I slept late. I went to work to get something to do at home. I filled eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. I colored eggs, then used the leftover dye to dye some yarn. Jen came over. We had dinner and watched Coupling, etc. I paid bills. I had big plans for the day and didn’t follow through on much of what I had planned. So it goes.

Gata got outside tonight. I think it was her first time. After searching for her downstairs I spent a good amount of time outside looking for her. I finally heard her meowing from JB’s side yard. She was pretty scared when I found her. Now she is sleeping next to the computer. I’ve got to get some tags for her.

James said he was going to catch the 10:40 train, but he isn’t home yet. I am trying not to worry until it is after he should be home if he were to catch the last train.

Good night all. I am going to wait in bed and get some knitting done. I started a little baby sweater on the way to Northampton. I think I can finish it in a few days if I work on it. Sleep tight.

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