Tuesday, November 4

Pork stuffed with an apple and sausauge stuffing for dinner tonight with a cranberry sauce of orange juice, Grand Marnier, a little sugar and a couple handfuls of fresh berries, simmered down a bit then zzzed in the blender. The stuffing was a little rich but fun to make. The biggest problem with cooking like this is all the dishes left along the way.

Brought my Da lunch today then helped my sister move her house from its one floor into the floor below it. Mostly kitchen. The bedrooms are staying up where they are, with another created by the move.

My fingers are sore from quilting last night, little needle pricks all in my middle finger. I should practice violin tonight (I should practice violin every night); I hope my finger doesn't give me an easy excuse not to.

Voted today in a lackluster election. Left a lot of things blank.

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