Wednesday, November 19

It being just past 8 in the morning I have already torn the study apart and moved a little furniture. Closed my desk in a little more, made the other desk easier to use. I am still trying to figure out where to put the filing cabinet and the dictionairy stand I made for James's OED. The chest in front of the guest bed is a bit of a problem now as well. That may move to the foot of my bed. That room will be cramped then but there will always be at least one cramped room here. The bedroom is so much more light than this room; it may be able to handle extra furniture.

Thank you, Nick for the advice on my finger. I held it in a shot glass of warm water last night and slept with it wrapped in one of the glittery bandages I got the night I stayed at Xtina's. It seems a lot better now. But I think I should still do as Dr. Nick says.

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