Saturday, November 22

Gata has become a fan of eeksy peeksy. And of clawing the back of my neck as I sleep.

Some lovely goals this morning from Celtic, 3 for Sutton. Douglas didn't look so good. The usual suspects at the KV. Wanted to tell Stephen about the mouse at the harp but thought he might take it the wrong way.

Beef stew is better on the third day, once the bottle of burgundy has settled in. My head's in a bit of a fog and my throat is a little scratchy. I'm just having a cup of tea now before dragging myself to work.

I have been thinking a lot about new furniture. It isn't that I really want to buy new furniture, I just want some control over my surroundings. Right now my place is full of furniture that was here when we moved in that I can't get rid of, things we found on the side of the road that seemed to fill some need, and furniture family was discarding. Several bookcases purchased at yard sales, one from an office supply store. Couch from Leanord Street, white shelves from River Road. New cubbies from the long driveway near Coggeshell and Langsford. Just peel the contact paper off. I'll refinish them in the spring.

Some things fit perfectly, though. I don't mind how I get soemthing if it works. Metal shelves from Gerrit now on the computer desk, holding reference books and clementine boxes. One end supported by stacks of books piled on a board on the radiator. His white shelf that was in the kitchen bt was replaced by my sister's old baker's rack now lives on the other side of James's desk. His desk is an old sewing desk my mother found on the side of the road when he first moved to Gloucester.

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