Friday, March 28

Tonight we went to Cambridge for a reading by Jim Dunn and this woman Morgan. I spent a good amount of the reading worrying about whether I had left a pot of soup on the stove on or not. I was pretty sure that I hadn't, but not being able to remember actually turning it off, I let myself get freaked out enough to make the ride home miserable with anxious anticipation. The poetry was good.

Today your love
tomorrow the world.

That is on my hand and I have to write it somewhere before it wears off. You cool kids know where it is from.

I made a friend tonight. Hello Aaron. You are only the second person to have been given my blog address, including my husband. I am only addressing you because I hope you will look at this, since I told you about it. If not I guess that would kind of be like meeting someone and giving them your number but they don't call back. It was good to talk to someone new. I could have easily not been in any conversation tonight, so introductory questions were just right. Not too deep, not about war, and generally interesting.

I really don't like war.

I think the Red Sox have their first game this week. I hope so. This winter has been so desperate and depressing; I would like to be able to channel all those feelings into my favorite baseball team.

Now I think I will go shopping for goodies for my Easter Egg hunt. Goodnight.

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