Monday, March 24

The kids are asleep. The dishes are not done. Most of them are from yesterday, when all sorts of people came over. The BBC is talking about how many casualties Americans will tolerate in this war.

I'm thinking of making a sweater for Aiden out of some yarn I got in Florence last year. I bought three very different yarns to knit together. They look good next to eachother but when I tried using them in the same project I really didn't like it. This ribbon yarn is variagated blue, green and yellow. I only have enough for something small. Aiden will be two this summer and I think a little cardigan may be nice. I always knit her cardigans, though. I bet I could design a little jumper, knit from the top down. I don't know how far the yarn will go. If I knit it in the round I can just knit until I run out of yarn.

I've planned to do too much this week. My violin is still at Nate's house and I doubt I will get to practice as much as I should before our next lesson. I did play piano a bit today, but not much. I've got too much work to do this week. Oh well.

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