Wednesday, March 26

I'm pricing books for a big sale ths weekend and have come across some lovely ones.

My most favorite thus far is 'The Brownies Around the World', in which the Brownies visit the Giant's Causeway. It made me think of Ireland, of Galen, of a lot of things I miss on these days when the air is warmer outside than it is in... There have been a lot of children's books today. A good number were about fairies or nonsense. I am encouraged to write for children when I see some of them. Of course, I don't. Did you know that Helen Bannerman (who wrote Little Black Sambo) was a Scotswoman?

I started writing a song yesterday. It's a bit about the war, but not completely. I am really afraid of writing corny songs. I think that's part of why I haven't really tried it. In fact, that may be one of my biggest problems with writing. I doubt it will be very good, if I can even come up with a tune for it.

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