Monday, July 19

Slept in the new house last night- mattress on floor, boxspring too wide for the stairs.  Gata howling on the way over but content after a few minutes of cuddling.  Not too hot with the fan going, bed made like home bcause it is home now. 
Book cases in the study, quick visit from Lansing etc. while I took my first shower.  So much to do and so much done.  So many thanks that need be given.  Thank you for your help.   A little overwhelmed still, made it through only crying once this morning and that was after slamming my finger in the door. 
James took the tape off of the edges in the living room.  The couch is set against the left wall, the computer as well for now.  Mountains of white bags in the living and laundry rooms.   Two loads of laundry done, fridge moved a little, shower curtain up.   So tired today and trying not to do too much, a day of rest, etc.  Nothing to eat in the house and I'm not going shopping. 
Let the fish go this afternoon in my brother's fish pond.  After looking lost for a moment he started to swim with the big fish, following their circles around the lazy brown school near the deepest part.  I wonder if he will be so pale next time I look.  The orange fish in the pond are so bright, the white shimmer, the brown sulk.  My pale little fish stands out. 
Gata likes the back of the couch for sleeping.  I might try the rest in a bit.
Spent some time at River Rd., mostly talking to my grandfather.  Cleaned a little and left James packing more.  Someone is coming to look at the house on Tuesday or Wednesday, hopefully the latter.  Our place is a mess but Hamer isn't worried.  I won't worry either.  Tomorrow I will go and try to make some order of it.  Today it is too much. 

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