Thursday, July 15

Awestruck by the beauty of the world today.  The red of a barn between 133 and exit 13, the orange and yellow of lillies by the road.  Blue sky turning grey then white then blue.  I am not as overwhelmed as I could or should be, but I am sure that will pass.
Emptying drawers for the move, room by room.  This should all be done by now.  The heat is getting to me.  Packing nearly naked, and it isn't even that hot.  Unaccustomed to corners without clutter, embarassed by how many things I have.   Books, yarn, clothes, shoes.  Dishes and pans and pots and fabric.  Records and books and books and books.
Gata was out but now she's in.  In heat, too.  Xtina may get the Gatitos she is looking for.   Meowed when I called her, easy to find, now rolling on the floor and kicking her head.  Something must be done.   /:>N.  That was Gata jumpingon the keyboard.  Maybe I should have left her out. 
Back to packing, while I still feel full of life.  ++++++++++++++++++++++++   More Gata.  .
All my love to those who kno
w 6it,2 0...
Gata won'
t+ l-et me -+t-7y
 more.  --

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