Friday, April 23


On my way to Peter's reading last night some girl thinks my car shouldn't be where it is and boom she tries to take its place with her ugly aqua machine. Baby was safe in an amniotic cushion but my head was craned over my left shoulder. Felt okay but for the ringing last night. Went to work today and found I couldn't turn my head one way. Then I couldn't turn it the other way. Then I couldn't look at the books on the top shelf.

I called the doctor and went in. Nothing to do but wear this silly collar and wait- a week or two, she says. Not my doctor but a fill-in who is as cold as ice. Now it hurts a lot and I can't do a thing. Perfect timing, no? We close on the house on Wednesday and not only will not be able to lift anything I doubt I will get much packing done since I can barely move.


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