Tuesday, March 2

Trying not to be so silent. This little thing in my belly is taking most of my mind. Literally- blood meant for my brain ends up in my uterus and I'm left stuttering for hours on end.

It feels like spring here. May be time to leave our shells. Walked along Halibut Point Sunday afternoon, mud and rocks and a few moments so close to the surf I had to reach down and taste the water carried in. That side of the Cape is freshest to me, more Atlantic than Bay. I spent my childhood swimming less than a mile away at the Flat Rocks, crawling into granite caves and gathering sea glass.

I'm happy to be earnest, especially after reading some of the Jim-Tim Shuffle. I could take Tim's Buffalo note personally if I took things like that personally. Instead it makes me long for the baseball season to start. Maybe I will start my crush list again... although I was -10 in 1966, Joel Sloman is one of 3 people I would really like to share a martini with.

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